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Special Interest Station Updates

Special Interest Station Updates

Learn how #nuclear energy plays a fundamental role in Ontario’s clean energy equation:…

Thu Feb 23 17:54:56

RT @TalkNuclear: Jeff Lyash says energy companies that harness the atom are in the major leagues of corporations globally. @opg #cna2017 h…

Thu Feb 23 17:30:41

RT @woodbiomag: Ontario Power Generation Expands Opportunities For Wood Pellet Producers

Thu Feb 23 16:57:18

Special Interest Station Updates

2016 - Q3

[Feb. 13, 2017]:  On Friday, Feb. 10, it was determined that a motor sent off site for repair contained a small amount of tritiated water and surface contamination within the motor casing. OPG staff cleaned up the water, placed the motor in a safe state and returned it to Darlington Nuclear Generating Station. Subsequent surveys were normal. The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission was notified.

There was no impact to employees, the public or the environment.

Units 3 and 4 are operating at full power. Unit 1 is in a maintenance outage. Unit 2 is undergoing refurbishment.

For previous station updates, review the archive.

For information on Regulatory Reporting, Nuclear Oversight and Event Reporting, review the Reports page.

Questions? Contact: Kevin Powers, Director Nuclear Public Affairs at 416-592-8470.​